This is one of those easy meals you can count on providing satisfaction. Field Roast Vegetarian Grain Meat Sausages is the brand I serve. My favorite flavors are their Italian and Apple-Sage. Based on wheat gluten, the protein part of the wheat, some will want to forgo this recipe.
     Wheat gluten was the meat substitute discovered by Buddhist monks in China and Japan. My macrobiotic teachers taught us how to make it back in the 1970s. You create a dough from whole wheat flour and hold it underwater, alternating warm and cool water, massaging the bran and germ out of dough, leaving you with the spongy gluten. You tear off pieces to cook in a flavorful broth until they puff up in several minutes.

Makes 2 servings

1½ teaspoons olive oil (1 teaspoon for onions, 1/2 teaspoon for dogs)
½ onion, sliced
2 vegan hot dogs

1. Heat oil in skillet. Add sliced onions, stir, and cover to cook until caramelized, stirring a couple of times, about 5 minutes. Push onions to edges, add remaining ½ teaspoon oil in middle of pan, and set dogs there. Turn dogs a couple of times, until lightly browned, about 5 minutes more.

2. Serve dogs with caramelized onions, and your favorite mustard and kraut.

Blanched Spinach with Vinaigrette Dressing

Makes 2 servings
Spinach cooks up in 2 minutes and is great served with any vinaigrette dressing that you’ve made, say once a week, and kept refrigerated. For this recipe, you may want to choose between the two dressing recipes on my website: Summer Citrus Vinaigrette and Easy-on-the-Oil Vinaigrette.

½ pound spinach
Dressing: 1 tablespoon vinaigrette of your choice

1. Bring 2 inches of water to boil in a 3-quart pot. Add spinach and when boiling resumes, time for 2 minutes. Drain, and press spinach against strainer to eliminate excess water. Transfer to cutting board and cut in ½-inch pieces. Dress to serve.