Nutrition Counseling

Receive inspiration and support to eat well.

Whether your goal is to eat less fast food and packaged food, and more fruits and vegetables as you move away from the SAD (Standard American Diet), or to inform yourself on the benefits of a plant-based, vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic approach to diet, Meredith McCarty’s 45+ years of experience will enlighten your efforts toward greater health and happiness. Meredith provides practical dietary and food preparation advice based on the lifestyles of the longest-living people on our planet, as well as on the latest scientific evidence. An added bonus, her specialty as a Macrobiotic chef and food coach incorporates the principles of “food as medicine” into the discussion.

Learn which foods are staples in the Healing Cuisine pantry and how to create balanced meals and snacks every day. Bring your partner, your family, or a small group of friends or associates. Building a network of support is one sure way of enjoying a lifetime of good health.


A typical 90-minute introductory session includes:

Discussion of your concerns and objectives

  • Interview questions about your current lifestyle and diet
  • Suggested dietary changes to achieve your goals
  • Food groups in a whole foods plant-based diet and how to balance them
  • Principles of menu planning for quick-and-easy and gourmet meals and snacks
  • Information booklet for reference including introductory recipes for healing


Introductory Counseling Session, 1½ hours: $200

Follow-up Sessions: $100 per hour to address new questions, challenges, menu planning, cravings awareness, and tips for healthy travel

Payment options:

PayPal, Cash or Check

Cancellation policy:

48-hour cancellation notice is required for a full refund.


“The knowledge and help I received in our consultation are worth far more than you received in compensation. I have much more energy. I have lost most of my sugar craving. I am able to travel and eat with others using the guidelines you taught me. Thank you for changing my life for the better.”
—E. Young

“I truly believe that I will be able to take full responsibility for my meals elegantly and easily. I have a lot of cookbooks with charts, but yours I understand. Your Menu Mantra is very, very helpful to me. I have made attempts to connect with other people on Macrobiotic cooking, but it is only since I spoke to you that it makes sense to me. Thank you with deep gratitude.”
—M. Diamond

“Thank you for the consultation. It has helped me switch my thinking from focusing on what to avoid, or what I am denied, to what I should be sure to eat every day.”
—J. Ballinger

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