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Transformative Talks on Diet and Health

Thousands of international studies show the diseases of our time—heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and obesity—are almost completely preventable by eating more plant foods and next to no animal foods. Such an eating plan also protects animals from cruelty and our planet from global warming. International keynote speaker on diet and health, Meredith McCarty, inspires your group of friends, colleagues or employees toward greater wellbeing. Meredith has spoken to a wide variety of audiences in the U.S. and abroad since 1977. Her experience in the world of food and healing brings a wealth of knowledge to subjects ranging from the general state of our nation’s health and how to heal it, to talks that address specific issues including healthy aging.

Corporate Wellness Team Building:  Brown Bag Lunch Talks

Self-care is the best form of healthcare, optimizing personal health while minimizing illness and the cost of expensive medications and hospital stays. When interested employees learn together, motivation is enhanced, and the synergy of group support further ensures the likelihood of long-term success. Choose from the following list of Healing Cuisine’s most popular topics.


45 minutes to 1½ hours including Q&A: $250 for up to 25 people; $10 per person thereafter

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Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging

Although modern medicine is equipped to prolong life, it seems to be far less able to promote healthy aging. Fascinating research continues to reveal the fact that traditional people don’t have the health issues surrounding aging that we do in the US. We understand why when we come to know their lifestyles, especially their dietary patterns. The focus is on how diet relates to physical health and mental acuity. We review the qualities of the remarkable people on our planet who live healthfully into their 90s and 100s, exceptional longevity that has nothing to do with medical intervention. Bibliography included with power point presentation.

“Thank you so much for the presentation you made at our Tiburon-Belvedere Library (CA). We had 45 people in attendance, and I saw lots of them taking notes! We learned so much and your cakes were absolutely delicious. I’m hoping you’ll come back soon.”—B. Johnson

“Your presentation was really informative and enjoyable.”

—R. Crowley, Outdoor Art Club (oldest women’s service organization west of the Rockies), Mill Valley, CA

“Your talk was great. It’s already inspired me. I’ve downloaded one of Dr. Fuhrman’s soup recipes and will definitely go to Whole Foods to get some of the products you recommended. Brilliant to just put seaweed in soup to get minerals.”—C. Largman


Healing Cuisine

Healing cuisines are mineral-rich cuisines. For a keen brain and strong blood, plant foods are the best sources of minerals and substances you can’t get from eating meat or processed foods, or by taking supplements. In addition to a show-and-tell of healing foods with a discussion of how to use them in everyday cooking, Meredith presents an overview of information relating diet and health from groups such as Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Organic Consumers Association, Environmental Working Group and enlightened MDs such as Drs. Neal Barnard, John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Joel Fuhrman, Michael Greger and Andrew Weil. Power point presentation.

“Thanks for speaking on healing foods. You are a great speaker. Everyone really enjoyed it.”—J. Neider, San Francisco Professional Food Society

“What a rousing success your ‘Healing Cuisine’ lecture was. Dietary and lifestyle changes are critical factors in healing from cancer and guarding against recurrence. It is not easy for most of us to make these changes, so it’s comforting to know that in fact one can make the switch to a plant-based diet and not have to sacrifice good taste and the joy of eating.”—K. Malik, Founder, Prostate Awareness Foundation, SF, CA

“Thank you for the excellent presentation at the Cancer Resource Center (Greenbrae, CA). The information was extremely useful for attendees as is evident from the exceptionally good feedback your talk received.”—K. Stronach, Coordinator


Diet for Prevention & Recovery from Cancer

Literally thousands of international studies have examined the relationship between cancer and our daily intake of food and drink. Meredith shares an overview plus the latest positive findings in dealing with cancer through dietary lifestyle changes. Bibliography provided.

  • “You can’t compromise on a healing diet when it comes to cancer, nor can you cancel out harmful dietary habits with supplements.”—Dr. Keith Block, Nutritional Oncologist
  • “The cells around cancer cells, and the general state of the body, influence their capacity to thrive.”—Dr. Susan Love, Breast Cancer: Beyond Convention

“Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to our panel at EarthSave’s forum on reducing cancer risk, for sharing the truth about what works and what has proven successful over millennia. Thanks again for helping women reduce their risk of getting breast cancer, and for helping us reach so many new people with information they haven’t heard elsewhere.”

—P. Breitman, EarthSave Marin, CA


Diet for Prevention & Recovery from Diabetes

Over 400 million people have diabetes worldwide, including 10% of the US population, yet it’s rare in Asian and African countries, cultures that consume lots of carbohydrates. But when their traditional diets become westernized, diabetes rates soar. With the right diet, it is possible to repair insulin function and reverse the signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes, a 100% preventable disease. You’ll be surprised to learn the specific foods that cause Type I and Type II diabetes, and the diet that controls blood sugar three times more effectively than the American Diabetes Association diet. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association are in support of the research from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Bibliography included.

“Thank you for such a fun cooking class last night!! I so enjoy my friend’s unbridled enthusiasm! She has the results of her blood work since your presentation on ‘Diabetes.’ She has dropped from 119 to 97, which puts her in the normal range (high normal, but normal). She has renewed energy to be on this plant-based path and is looking forward to bringing her numbers down to normal normal!”—S. Virgil

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