The Power of

Plant-Based Food

Healing Cuisine Founder, Meredith McCarty

With 45+ years in the field of natural food for healing, Healing Cuisine founder Meredith McCarty cuts through the confusing research, and the overload of commercial advertising that may look like news, to bring you solid studies and great recipes that support self-care through a healthy whole foods plant-based diet.


Nutrition Counseling

Healing Cuisine aims to be your premier resource for information, inspiration and support in your transition to a healthy diet. Today eating well means eating a whole foods plant-based diet, one that features the foods that are attracting international attention for their health-promoting and disease-preventing properties. Renew yourself on a meal-to-meal basis, one bite at a time.

Speaking Engagements

Ask natural health expert and international speaker, Meredith McCarty, to present to your organization on the most relevant health issues of our time. Choose from these topics: “Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging,” “Healing Cuisine,” or “Diet for Prevention & Recovery from Cancer (or Diabetes).” Bibliographies included.

Cooking Classes

Healing Cuisine is enticing natural foods cuisines with a focus on seasonal organic plant foods (vegetables and fruits) and sustainable staples (whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds and seaweeds). Choose a menu from the Healing Cuisine repertoire to prepare with Meredith’s guidance, and to enjoy with family, friends or colleagues.

Cooking Essentials

Water Purifiers, Sea Salt, Healing Cuisine Cookbooks & DVD

A sense of empowerment and freedom comes through cooking (not from cooking) when you’ve got the right essentials.

  • Pure water is as important as pure food.
  • Unrefined sea salt contains all the minerals and trace elements that exist in Nature, and in our blood.
  • Healing Cuisine menus and recipes are designed to satisfy both your senses and your sense of well-being.