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Healing cuisine is your premier resource for inspiration and information for your transition to a healthy diet

Nutrition Counseling

Gain clarity and support from personalized nutrition counseling that suits your unique health profile, lifestyle, and goals. Holistic nutritionist and macrobiotic counselor, Meredith McCarty, guides and supports you on your path to a healthy whole foods, plant based diet in person, or by phone.

Cooking Classes

Healing Cuisine is enticing natural foods cuisine with a focus on sustainable staples—grains, beans, nuts, seeds and seaweeds—and seasonal organic plant foods. Cookbook author Meredith gives vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic cooking classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Inspiring Lectures

Natural health expert, Meredith McCarty, has lectured around the world on healthy food and well-being. Ask her to speak to your organization on topics such as "Healthy Eating for Healthy Aging", "The Basics of Healthy Eating" or "Diet for Prevention and Recovery from Diabetes."

Cooking Essentials

Cooking is easy and enjoyable when you've got the right tools. Keep it simple and affordable when purchasing the basics. Selected for their high quality and low prices, Healing Cuisine brings you vegetable cutting knives, the only rice cooker with a stainless steel insert, pressure cookers and water purification systems.

Award-Winning Cookbooks

Healing Cuisine menus and recipes are designed to satisfy both your senses and your sense of well-being. Meredith's three vegetarian cookbooks offer an abundance of vegan (dairy-free) and macrobiotic recipes for meals that heal. The quick and easy and gourmet recipes have been well-tested on hundreds of cooking class students.

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