Makes 5 to 8 servings

Thanks to Mary Lansing for this sweetly delicious oven-roasted tomato sauce. Mary makes it in the summer and fall seasons when tomatoes are naturally fresh and ripe. She freezes the sauce in small portions for use year-round. Mary says “This sauce is dense and rich, so you don’t need much. Serve with pasta, vegetables, pizza—anything!” The revision I made to the original recipe is the volume of oil which is reduced from 1/2 cup (32% fat calories) to 2 tablespoons.
       I used Sfoglini Whole Grain Reginetti ”ribbon shaped” pasta in this recipe. It’s my favorite new pasta and looks like little lasagna noodles. Made in New York, it’s originally from Naples. Reginetti or Mafaldine pasta means “little queens” in honor of Princess Mafalda of Savoy from the 12th century.

      Makes 3 to 3½ cups
3 pounds ripe tomatoes, 7 or 8, stems and cores discarded, halved horizontally
1 cup fresh basil leaves, gently packed
8 medium-large cloves garlic, peeled
2 tablespoons olive oil blend (equal parts EVOO and Spectrum walnut oil, or another high-heat cooking oil)
1 teaspoon unrefined sea salt
1/2 teaspoon cracked pepper
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
Italian parsley leaves for garnish


1 pound whole grain pasta

1. Preheat oven to 400°. Place tomatoes on foil and parchment paper lined baking sheet, cut-sides-up.

2. Purée remaining ingredients in a food processor. Makes about 1/2 cup. Spoon a dollop of mixture on top of each tomato half and press to spread.

3. Bake until tomatoes test very soft when pierced, about one hour. With a spatula, transfer tomatoes and their juices to food processor. Pulse about 7 times to break down skins while retaining a chunky texture. Note: Ripe heirloom tomatoes can exude a lot of liquid. In this case, simmer uncovered, about 30 minutes.

For 8 servings, per serving:
Calories: 275   Protein: 11gm   Carbohydrates: 49gm   Fat: 5gm   Saturated Fat: 0.5gm   Fiber: 4gm   Cholesterol: 0   Sodium: 173mg
Calories from Protein: 15%     Calories from Fats: 17%     Calories from Carbohydrates: 68%