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Whole Foods Plant–Based Diets

Plant foods are low in fat and free of cholesterol and strong hormones (both naturally–occuring and added to the animals’ diets). Plant foods are composed of complex carbohydrates, the kind that supply sustained energy, and are rich in fiber (animal foods have none), and phytochemicals including antioxidants. Vegetables from land and sea are plants foods that contain all of the minerals and trace elements that exist in nature, and in our blood. They are renewed on a meal to meal basis, one bite or sip at a time.

Plant–Based Diets vs. Animal Food–Based Diets

Animal food–based diets are centered around meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy, and are the single biggest contributing factor to the epidemics of disease (including heart disease, cancer, diabetes) and obesity in developed countries. An animal-based diet is also the single biggest contributor to global warming, more than cars and industry combined, according to United Nations’ findings (see In the News, March 2007).