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What People Are Saying

"The knowledge and help I received in our consultation has been worth far more than you received in compensation. I have much more energy. I have lost most of my sugar craving. I am able to travel and eat with others using the guidelines you taught me. Thank you for changing my life for the better."–Eileen Young

"I so enjoyed our time together. I appreciate the contributions you make to the world with your vast knowledge and expertise in teaching us to "nurture and nourish" ourselves with healing cuisine. As we become more awake to our own bodies and the way to nourish ourselves, it also helps us to become more conscious about our planet. I excitedly came home and read through the folder, stopped at the natural food store, and look forward to more adventures in learning."–Terumi Leinow

"Thank you so much for the support, kind words and advice. I especially appreciated the nonjudgmental, non-critical approach you have! I am hard enough on myself as it is. Kindness goes a long way toward healing and I think I need that as much as a good diet!"–Diane Lane

"Thank you so much for the nourishing time we spent together. Your knowledge and recipes are so insightful."–Theo Stern

"Thank you so much for all your help, information and wonderful guidance."–Angela deMeglio

"Speaking with you was just what I needed to spur me to do what I intuitively knew I must do. Initially, making contact was a sense of relief for me. After our conversation, I felt I had ‘returned home.’ Nice! Thank you so much!"–Catherine Berent

"You are such an inspiration...your professionalism, organization, warmth and sparkle! Meeting with you was a tremendous help and made me see new possibilities and feel more clear in general. Thanks for making such a difference in my life!"–Anne Marie Mastandrea

"My grandson was very impressed with you and the consultation. He very much enjoyed all that was discussed and said he almost wished he didn’t know now because it shows how much he needs to do and change from his fast food and all the other bad stuff he has probably done. I thought if he just remembers a tiny bit then maybe, just maybe, when he leaves this comfort zone and support of family that he will remember there is another way to live. He wanted us to walk him through Whole Foods to show him what to buy. I did a little at Costco one day and made him read labels. He had never done that before. He’ll teach his girlfriend how to eat better also. Again thanks as it was really worth it for me to see how receptive he was. He said you were the smartest person he knew and that if he was older he would want a girlfriend like you. Now that is quite a complement."–Carroll Rosenmayr

"Thank you so very much for all your wonderful advice. The consulting papers are great for review and reinforcement of what I have learned. Best money I ever spent!"–Karen Eichelberger

"Thank you for making your Healing Cuisine expertise available to me! It’s a wonderful gift you bring to the world. I’m enjoying the recipes and so is my family."–Nancy Friedrich

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