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Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian diets feature plant foods along with dairy products and sometimes eggs. Healing Cuisine cooking classes are vegetarian, eschewing animal foods for both health and ethical reasons, and are instead vegan and macrobiotic. Assuming that most people already know how to cook animal foods, and knowing that for those who want them, very small amounts of organically–raised meats and dairy are the best choices, they are not included in menus and recipes. Instead, the focus is on preparing plant foods–whole grains, beans and vegetables–in enticing ways.

Vegetarian Diets Include Dairy Products and Eggs

Dairy products and eggs, foods often included in vegetarian diets, are among the animal foods that are the major cause of the diseases of our civilization, according to thousands of studies which are shared in cooking classes, talks and in counseling sessions. A little bit goes a long way because of the high amounts of fat, protein, hormones and cholesterol these foods contain. And low–fat dairy products may cause other health problems because when the natural fat content is reduced, the milk sugars are unnaturally emphasized.