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Vegan Diets

Vegan cooking focuses on plant foods exclusively. According to an article, "Where it all Vegan" by Joseph Connelly, publisher of the magazine VegNews, it was a man named Donald Watson who, in 1944, "broke away from the nearly century old venerable yet stodgy Vegetarian Society of England and founded a little idea called Veganism."

The Benefits of Vegan Diets

For cultures that have consumed more animal foods than previous societies, a vegan diet is a good way to clean out the excesses and resensitize the body to the benefits of lighter fare. Plant foods contain all the nutrients that exist in nature without the heaviness created by excessive volumes of fat, protein and hormones found in animal foods. Rice is the food eaten in the greatest abundance by people on our small planet, and those cultures who do so don’t have the poor health statistics that do most developed countries. Whole grains grow more easily on the planet than do any other foods, and so are both ecological and economical in comparison with animal foods. And vegan diets help us live in harmony with the seasons as we focus on what’s up in farmer’s markets around the globe.