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Team Building Events

Corporations can save precious time and money by ensuring their employees’ health. Corporate cooking classes (culinary team building) prepare employees to practice self–care, the most effective way to prevent sick days. In team building, when interested employees learn together, a synergy of group support further ensures the possibility of long–term success. Making good food together fosters open communication, cooperation, appreciation of individual skills and successful risk taking. Culinary team building brings people together in a spirited, fun atmosphere, boosting creativity and morale; perfect for celebrating team accomplishments.

Corporate Wellness: Plan a Team Building Event

Smaller classes, up to 6 persons, are hands–on. Larger classes are demonstration–style. Team Building Events are customized to client requests. Contact Meredith to discuss your ideas, group characteristics, location and dates. Choose a menu from the Cooking Class Archives.

FEES: $1000 for up to 6 people. To reserve a date, partial payment of one–quarter the fee is due.


"Thank you for your wonderful class. We had a lot of fun. Cooking classes as team building offsite is interesting to companies, but it really doesn’t seem like there are a lot of options for hands–on vegetarian classes. Your site is the most informative."–Karen Park,

"Fabulous job! This class was a great learning experience and a fun team building event. Great recipes and atmosphere...interesting, relevant instruction. The hands–on method of cooking was very supportive of a team building effort...A positive experience that gave exposure to more natural and organic alternatives to what I’m normally used to. Since I’m a meat eater, I really enjoyed the veggies...All the dishes prepared were delicious and could be made in the future." –Employees,

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