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Pressure Cookers

A pressure cooker saves precious time and nutrients, and concentrates flavors.

Make the best short grain brown rice, beans, root vegetables and winter squash you’ve ever tasted! A pressure cooker concentrates the sweet taste in grains, beans and vegetables. With a pressure cooker, less nutrients are lost to steam evaporation than with any other cooking technique.

8–quart Pressure Cooker

For the cook who chooses to make large batches of their favorite soups and apple sauce for canning or freezing. $165

Aeturnum Italian pressure cookers are adored by chefs worldwide for their quality, durability, safety features and attractive look. Made of heavyweight 18/10 mirror–finish stainless steel, these pots work beautifully on all heat sources.

Happy Customer Comment: "Pressure cookers
just arrived. I love the look, utility, benefits and
practicality of them and feel as good as if I added
$ to an IRA!"–Nancy Kelly

No longer available. Update will be posted.

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