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Nutrition Counseling

Whether your goal is to eat less fast food and more fruits and vegetables as you move away from the SAD (Standard American Diet), or to inform yourself of the benefits of a vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic approach to diet, Meredith McCarty’s 30+ years of experience will inspire, enlighten and support your efforts toward greater health and happiness. As your personal diet counselor or macrobiotic counselor, Meredith McCarty will assist you in your transition to a healthy diet. Meredith’s nutrition counseling and follow-up food coaching services are customized to suit your unique health profile, lifestyle and nutritional objectives.

Nutrition Counseling & Energizing Your Lifestyle

In our busy world, expert counseling and ongoing motivation support often make the difference between success and failure. As a certified Diet Counselor and Nutrition Educator (holistic nutritionist), Meredith McCarty will provide practical dietary and food preparation advice based on the latest scientific evidence. An added bonus, her specialty as a macrobiotic counselor incorporates the principles of food as medicine into the advice you receive during your nutrition counseling session(s).

"I will guide and support you toward healthy eating, but I will also urge you to embrace a well-rounded approach to your lifestyle including exercise, stress management and group support so your journey towards dietary change is exciting, fun, and softened by taking care of yourself in other ways, all with as little time and effort as possible."