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MAC Knives

MAC knives are a pleasure to use, and used they are by millions of chefs, cooking instructors, caterers, food professionals and home chefs. So why not join the country’s leading chefs who have warmly endorsed these knives: Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Hubert Keller, Bradley Ogden, Daniel Boulud, and Jean–Louis Palladin. (Click here to learn more.)

Mighty Santoku Professional Knife (6 ½ inches)

The blade on this model has indentations or dimples to reduce friction while slicing starchy vegetables such as winter squash and potatoes. $105.

Mighty Santoku Professional Knife

Vegetable Knife (6 ½ inches)

The is the must-have knife for slicing and dicing all vegetables and fruits. $75.

Vegetable Knife

Utility Knife (7 inches)

For all-purpose cutting and slicing, this knife with its wedge-shaped blade is an alternative to the rectangular Vegetable Knife. $42.

Utility Knife

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