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Introductory Counseling Session

Take your first step toward a healthier lifestyle by scheduling a personal counseling session. Discover which foods comprise a healthy diet and are most appropriate for you. Learn which foods are staples in the Healing Cuisine pantry and how to create balanced meals and snacks everyday. Bring your partner, your family, or a small group of friends or associates. Building a network of support is one sure way of enjoying a lifetime of good health. Meredith’s expertise as a macrobiotic counselor is an added bonus for people in need of healing.

A typical 90-minute introductory session includes:

• Discussion of your concerns and your objectives
• Discussion of the dietary changes necessary to achieve your goals
• Overview of the food groups in a plant-based whole foods diet
• Principles of menu planning: quick & easy to gourmet dinners
• Shopping lists to help you stock your pantry wisely
• Informational booklet for reference and introductory recipes

Introductory Counseling Session - 90 minutes

Inform and inspire yourself to make healthy diet changes. $200

After you have begun your transition to healthy eating, follow-up sessions will help to ensure continued support by providing answers to new questions or challenges you may have encountered.