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"Healthy Dessert–Making"

You don’t have to desert dessert to eat healthy! In fact, desserts that
are both delightfully satisfying and sweet without being overpowering can enhance a relaxing sense of balance between the demands of a healthy lifestyle and the sensual pleasure of eating. In this talk on healthy dessert making, Meredith offers alternatives to the refined carbohydrates used in baking, the simple sugars in flours and sweeteners that lead to an addictive cycle of craving sweets, causing mood swings, allergies, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. An array of seasonal fresh fruits, natural sweeteners, dairy–free milks and fats, and wheat– and gluten–free flours are included in the show and tell. Dessert and copies of Meredith’s award–winning dessert book, Sweet and Natural, are available at this enlightening event. Everyone can enjoy delicious sugar–free, wheat–free, gluten–free, vegan, and macrobiotic desserts that are made with natural sweetners.

What People are Saying about "Healthy Dessert Making"

"Thank you so much for your lively and informative presentation on healthy dessert making to EarthSave Marin. Thank you, too, for those delicious and pretty cookies! Everyone was very much reassured that tasty and satisfying desserts can be part of a health–promoting diet. What a wonderful message! And you delivered it so well! Your handouts and talk answered so many questions and addressed so many concerns. It was one of our most enlightening events."–Patti Breitman

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New York Women’s Culinary Alliance

EarthSave Marin (CA)

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