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"Whole Grain Sourdough Breads"

Whole–grain sourdough breads are the most digestible way to consume whole grains used in breadmaking. All grains contain phytic acid which can prevent the absorption of minerals. In order to unlock the nutrients, whole grains must either be soaked or fermented as in sourdough bread. German research shows that the sourdough process neutralizes all the phytic acid whereas yeasted bread does not. So enjoy the fiber and complex carbohydrates bread flours provide by learning to make naturally–leavened bread. Learn which grains to use for wheat–sensitivity.


"Having sampled her sourdough bread, I can truly say it is my favorite recipe in its class." – Annemarie Colbin, CHES, Founder, The Natural Gourmet Cookery School, NYC Author, Food and Our Bones (Plume) and Food and Healing (Ballantine)

"Very complete instruction yet not overwhelming...just the basics you need. Her added booklet gives you a ‘hard copy’ summary and includes delicious toppings. Get your hands on some real dough!!"
– Chuck Lowery, Founder, Pacific Bakery

"Whole Grain Sourdough Breads"

DVD includes a recipe booklet featuring the basic bread recipe with variations, plus seven luscious spreads and patés. 46 minutes. $19.95