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Corporate Wellness & Team Building

Team Building: Brown Bag Lunch Talks

Enlightened employers know that healthy workers are more productive, saving precious time and bottom–line costs otherwise lost to sick days and the spiraling cost of healthcare. Take the pragmatic approach in offering staff or employees a team building event such as a brown bag lunch talk with Meredith.

Corporate Wellness: Self–care is the best care.

Attendees will be reminded that self-care is truly the best form of healthcare, optimizing personal health, minimizing illness and the cost of expensive medications and hospital stays. Toward a goal of effective team building: When interested employees learn together, motivation is enhanced and a synergy of group support further ensures the likelihood of long–term success. Choose from a list of Healing Cuisine’s most popular topics or one customized to your interests and objectives in acheiving corporate wellness.

A private cooking class (culinary team building) can be scheduled in conjunction with your event.