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Cooking Class Archives

Ask Meredith to help you choose a menu or menus that would be most appropriate for you or your group or organization. Click on the titles to learn more.

The Basics of Healthy Cooking

Stabilize your health and increase your energy and clarity. Learn how to eat to lose weight effortlessly, prevent cravings, and to manage menopause and other conditions of aging. Use diet for prevention and recovery from a broad spectrum of illnesses ranging from the common cold and allergies to cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Seasonal Menus

Eating according to the ebb and flow of the seasons enables us to stay in harmony with the greater environment in which we live. By eating foods as they become available throughout the year, we create strong blood that enables us to thrive in a particular season. Eating seasonally, locally and organically is ecological as well. And it’s a win–win economically too because seasonal foods are normally the lowest–priced.

Cooking Class Venues

Meredith has taught cooking classes around the country and the globe. Here’s a list of many of the interesting venues, from schools to natural food stores, seminars, medical organizations and macrobiotic centers.