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Cooking Essentials

Knives, pressure cookers and water purifiers
are primary cooking tools.

A sense of empowerment and freedom comes through cooking (not from cooking) when you’ve got the cooking essentials. Healing Cuisine founder, Meredith McCarty, uses each of these products on a daily basis and has done so for over three decades. The quality is the best and the price is right for these basic cooking tools.

Cooking is a lot easier with the right tools.

A vegetable cutting knife is an extension of our arms and hands and, with a little practice, makes slicing through vegetables and fruits an effortless pleasure. You’ll find yourself bringing your knife with you on trips and outings.

A pressure cooker cuts down on the time it takes to cook beans from 2 to 3 hours to just 20 to 45 minutes. Even chunk–cut root vegetables and winter squashes are rendered tender in 5 minutes, and short grain brown rice never tasted as good as it does when prepared in a pressure cooker.

Pure water is as important as pure food. Water is meant to be filtered at the point of use so it’s fresh. Stored for days, weeks or months in bottles, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria. So purify your own water for cooking and drinking.