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Cooking Classes

Be good to yourself and the planet! Learn how tasteful, invigorating and fun healthy gourmet cooking can be! Meredith McCarty is a leading Bay Area teacher of inspiring vegetarian cooking classes, vegan cooking classes and macrobiotic cooking classes, that help participants understand the relationship between food and health and contribute to positive lifestyle changes.

Cooking Classes for Health and Well–being

Healing Cuisine is enticing natural foods cuisine with a focus on plant foods. Rich in flavor and cultural diversity, Healing Cuisine menus and recipes are designed to satisfy both your senses and your sense of well–being. Award–winning cookbook author Meredith McCarty’s quick–and–natural style of cooking brings a relaxing sense of balance to the demands of healthy lifestyle, a full schedule and the sensual pleasure of eating. Meredith brings a wealth of knowledge, practical experience, passion and creativity to her cooking classes.

Menus and recipes are tailored to the American palate, and will inspire you to get back in the kitchen. Based on the bounty of the season, they are vegetarian, always vegan (dairy–free vegetarian), and macrobiotic (feature healing foods presented in balanced proportions as consumed by the healthiest and longest-living people on the planet). Healing Cuisine vegetarian cooking classes, vegan cooking classes, and macrobiotic cooking classes include generous tastings of the complete meal, recipes, quick and easy menu planning, resources, and supportive scientific studies relating diet and health