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Award-Winning Cookbooks

You are fulfilling your intentions to positively change your diet, and you need some really good recipes to get you started or to keep you going. Now you can treat yourself or a friend to one of three delightful collections of life–enhancing menus and recipes. Stimulate your mind while you prepare to enjoy an enticing meal or a dessert from one of Meredith’s cookbooks. Rejuvenate your body as you expand your repertoire by trying at least one new recipe each week. All recipes are vegan (dairy–free vegetarian) and macrobiotic.

Vegetarian, Vegan and Macrobiotic Cookbooks

Award–winning cookbook author, Meredith McCarty, has a writing style that is both informative and entertaining. Her consistently successful recipes, designed for both beginner and seasoned cooks and evolved over several decades, have stood the test of hundreds, if not thousands, of diners. All recipes are vegan (dairy–free vegetarian) and macrobiotic (feature healing foods presented in balanced proportions as consumed by the healthiest and longest–lived people on the planet). So join in one of life’s greatest pleasures–those moments when we share with each other the delights of the table.

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