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"Diet for Cancer Prevention & Recovery"

Latest Findings in Diet and Cancer

Literally thousands of international studies have examined different aspects of food and nutrition and their relationship to cancer. Natural health expert, Meredith McCarty, shares the latest positive findings in cancer support through lifestyle changes. Her talk includes the following highlights:

• an overview of the latest research on cancer and diet
• a show and tell of healing foods and how to use them
• simple and delicious recipes that will satisfy both your senses and
  your sense of well–being

Cancer and Diet: What the Experts are Saying

"The approximate amount of cancer cases preventable by diet are 35% to 60%." –Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

"You can’t compromise on a healing diet when it comes to cancer, nor can you cancel out harmful dietary habits with supplements."
–Dr. Keith Block, Nutritional Oncologist

"Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to our panel last night at EarthSave’s forum on reducing cancer risk! It was wonderful to see and hear you sharing the truth about what works and what has proven successful over millennia. Thanks again for helping us reach so many new people with information they haven’t heard elsewhere."
–Patti Breitman, EarthSave Marin, CA