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"Diet for Breast Cancer Prevention
and Recovery"

Literally hundreds of international studies have examined different aspects of diet and its relationship to breast cancer prevention and recovery. Natural health expert, Meredith McCarty, shares the latest positive findings in breast cancer support through lifestyle changes.
Her talk includes the following highlights:

• an overview of the latest research on breast cancer and diet, including   seven risk factors and four protective factors
• a show and tell of healing foods and how to use them
• simple and delicious recipes that will satisfy both your senses and
  your sense of well–being

Breast Cancer and Diet: What the Experts are Saying

"The cells around cancer cells, and the general state of the body, influence their capacity to thrive."–Dr. Susan Love, from Breast Cancer: Beyond Convention

"Countries with a higher intake of fat, especially animal fat, have a higher incidence of breast cancer. Even within Japan, where the diet is much lower in fat than the typical Western diet, affluent women who eat meat daily have an 8.5 times higher risk of breast cancer than poorer women who rarely or never eat meat."–Healthy Eating for Life, The Cancer Project, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

What People are Saying about "Diet for Breast Cancer Prevention and Recovery"

"Thank you for that wonderful talk last night. You were so well prepared, credible and lifesaving! I wish I could put you on prime time TV and let the world know what you know. The soup and cookies were delightful and generous, and your talk was so packed with good information that I learned a lot! Thanks for the wonderful handouts too. Thanks again for telling the truth and helping women reduce their risk of getting breast cancer. With admiration and best wishes."–Patti Breitman, EarthSave

"I was extremely impressed with the lecture you gave at Coldwell Banker. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the wonderful food. My friend is a breast cancer survivor and is interested in hosting a lecture at her store in San Francisco. Also, I would love to include an article on the topic in the Southern Marin Mothers’ Club newsletter."–Annikka Berridge

Venue Archives

Whole Foods Market (Mill Valley, CA)
Coldwell Banker Real Estate (Mill Valley, CA)
The Larkspur Library (Larkspur, CA)
The Tiburon Library (Tiburon, CA)
The McDougall Program (Santa Rosa, CA)
Peninsula Macrobiotic Community (Palo Alto, CA)
French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp (Tahoe National Forest, CA)
San Francisco Vegetarian Society
Mill Valley (CA) Parks & Recreation Department

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