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"The Basics of Healthy Eating"

Healthy Cooking for a Healthy Lifestyle

Meredith interacts with the audience to open up a dialog on these
important aspects of a healthy lifestyle:

• Which food groups contribute to maximum health and in what

• Which nutrients are most important–protein, minerals, vitamins,
   fats or carbohydrates?

• And which kind of carbohydrates are best for optimal health?

• Where does fiber come from and what is its purpose?

• Do plant proteins and fats have the same effects on the body as
   the proteins and fats that come from animal sources?

• What about raw food? How do you plan simple meals that heal?

• What staples do you need to have on hand to create a sense of
   ease when time is of the essence and you’re hungry for really
   good food?

To make getting started with healthy cooking easy, you’ll take home a shopping list of healing foods and a week’s worth of quick and easy
menu plans.

Venue Archives

PDSA, an organization for people with ITP, an autoimmune disease
French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp
TAMalpais Community Education, Marin County, CA
Alameda Point Collaborative, a youth center, Alameda, CA