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"American Macrobiotic Cuisine"

Blending traditional culinary wisdom from East and West, American Macrobiotic Cuisine provides 100 simple, original recipes for a healthful low–fat, high–fiber diet.


"Meredith McCarty’s American Macrobiotic Cuisine presents macrobiotic cooking styles in a very palatable way. She gives plenty of information about the macrobiotic diet and philosophy in a very honest and down–to–earth manner, without weighing it down with guilt– producing judgments...a good friend to any vegetarian or aspiring macrobiotic cook."–Natural Health

"Author Meredith McCarty explains the basics of cooking whole grains and soyfoods, and walks us through the use of unfamiliar ingredients such as sea vegetables and grain beverages...Far from an austere diet, the recipes are as hearty, ethnically varied, and tasty as they are healthy."–Joan Price, reviewer for

"American Macrobiotic Cuisine"

Your guide book for becoming a healthy and happy vegetarian.
110 pages, Avery Publishing Group, ISBN 0-89529-711-6. $12.95