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About the Founder

Meredith McCarty is a Diet Counselor and Nutrition Educator, a macrobiotic counselor and a vegan (dairy-free vegetarian) cooking instructor. She has authored three cookbooks and produced a video. Her most recent book, Sweet and Natural–More than 120 Naturally Sweet and Dairy Free Desserts, won the Versailles World Cookbook Fair Award. Formerly the associate editor of Natural Health magazine, Meredith McCarty co–directed a macrobiotic natural health center in northern California for 19 years, during which time she catered weekly dinner parties and annual residential seminars for up to 150 people. She has a Senior Certificate in the Art of Cooking from the Kushi Foundation. She is an associate of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and has worked in educational programs with Drs. Benjamin Spock, Dean Ornish, John McDougall and Neal Barnard. Meredith currently resides in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A Personal Story

Meredith changed her own diet in the early 70s when, because of a sense of malaise and exhaustion, she was diagnosed with mononucleosis, hypoglycemia and a spot on her right lung. She met two men in a bar in New Hampshire who changed the course of her life by recommending that she move to Boston and begin a study of Macrobiotics with Michio and Aveline Kushi which she did (and later with Shizuko Yamamoto, Jacques and Yvette de Langre and Herman and Cornellia Aihara). Within a year, the spot on her lung was gone, and within a couple more years, her energy and clarity returned. Lectures and cooking classes provided the inspiration and support she needed to embrace change and experience the positive transformation that she loves inspiring in others.