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About Healing Cuisine

Healing Cuisine is your premier resource for inspiration, information
and support in making the healthy lifestyle change to a whole foods plant–based diet. Learn to heal your body–and the planet–naturally with your everyday cooking through counseling, cooking classes (gourmet vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic), speaking engagements, cooking essentials, cookbooks, and the latest information on diet and health.

International Studies & Healing Cuisine Approach

There are literally thousands of international studies showing the relationships between diet and disease, and between a whole foods plant–based diet and prevention and healing. A whole foods plant–based diet may also be vegetarian, vegan, or macrobiotic (not "microbiotic"). It features whole grains (and whole grain breads and pastas), beans and traditional soyfoods, seasonal vegetables and fruits, sea vegetables, fermented foods, nuts, seeds, and seductive seasonings.

In a naturally healthy approach to diet, desirable features include foods that are in season, and that are grown locally and organically as much as possible. Vegetable oils are favored over animal fats, and gentler sweeteners replace sugar. These are the principles followed by the healthiest and longest–lived people on the planet.